About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
We are Henry & Megan Froese.
Madly in Love.
  Living our lives striving to serve our Lord.
 We got married on March 3rd 2012 and feel so blessed to be able to do life together.

 Jan 12 2014 we welcomed our first born son Silas into our family 

and Lord willing will be welcoming another baby into our family March 2016! 

We feel so blessed. 

This blog is our little corner to share memories we make together and we are happy to share them with you! 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great photos! I absolutely love your modest and gorgeous wedding dress. My anniversary is March 5th! Which year are you? We're 2011

  2. Thank you Amy! We were in 2012 so almost exactly a year after you! :)