To Tennessee we went...

 Over last weekend Henry and I headed down to Tennessee for 5 days. The main reason was to photograph a dear dear friend of mine wedding, and then we lumped it together with celebrating our 5th anniversary that is coming up! We didn't really have plans of what we were going to do, all I knew is I wanted to go on a hike and see a waterfall :) 

I have a bunch of photos....its kinda what I do :) 

At the airport ready to start our adventures.

We landed and drove part way to the area of where my friend was getting married, and then drove the rest of the way the next morning. 

The area was beautiful...

These 2 were PERFECT. It was such a beautiful day and I am so thankful it worked for us to be there for there special day! 

My sisters and I got a quick photo with the beautiful bride before she walked down the aisle 

The next day we drove to where we heard was a great place to hike, and we were not disappointed...it was amazing! pictures don't do this place justice! 

and don't worry we saved the day and held this rock from falling.... :)

I love going on adventures with this guy <3

We headed back to Nashville for the night and then explored the city the next day.

We toured the Belmont Mansion 

And then walked the streets of downtown Nashville

This is the Ryman auditorium

After that we walked around in a mall which was right beside the Grand Ole Opry...so we said Hi :)

It was such a refreshing fun trip!