Lincoln 10 Months

 How old:
10 months

21lbs 14oz

What's new:
He is starting to walk, he takes about 4 steps before he falls :)
He is done nursing
He is also done with his soother :( :( :(
He tries to say "I Love You"
He has 2 more teeth (so now a total of 6 teeth)

What he loves:
Crawling up the stairs
My phone or tv controls (what baby doesn't :)
He loves to make people smile, wherever we go he always tries to make eye contact with people and smile at them...I love that he spreads joy with his little smiles :)

Night Sleep:
He got really sick for a week this last month, before he got sick he was SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!! From 8pm-8am!!!!!! for a week straight....and then he got sick, he couldn't breath through is noise and that is when he stopped taking his soother and nursing. and then I had to retrain him that he needed to sleep in his bed again and how to fall asleep without his soother (which I still leave in his bed just in case...just maybe he will take it again :) 
I think we are getting the hang of  the sleep thing again though. 
Oh and he only takes 1 nap in the afternoon now, before he was taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon...being sick made him a different child haha :) 

I am a little behind on posting this...but better late then never as they always say :)


Snow Buddies

Warmish weather is upon us, so I took the opportunity and bundled up these two cuties to get some much needed fresh air! 

They both LOVE being outside, I am excited for summer...but for now we will play in the snow :)