Lincoln 9 months

 How old:
9 months

21lbs 8oz

What's new:
He is full on crawling....fast. He can stand on his own and walks along stuff.

What he loves:
bouncy, he is a bouncy baby ;)
He has 4 teeth and 2 more ready to poke through.

Night Sleep:
Sleeping has been so much better! He is only waking up 1-2 times in the night. 

Today was one of those....oh wait, you are 9 months today!! How did that happen, he just turned 8 months! 

And for those of you who ask...does he every cry...yes, yes he does :) 
But for the most part he is a super happy kid! 

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  1. How did he get to be nine months old!?! So cute. 😍