Lincoln 8 months

 How old:
8 months

20lbs 12oz

What's new:
He is pulling himself up on stuff, standing well holding on to things, crawling (half crawling and half army crawling), He learnt to clap

What he loves:
All the food ;)  
Playing with Silas

Night Sleep:
This has probably been the worst month for sleep, He is cutting his 4 top teeth so I don't blame him, he has had a few better nights here and there but most of them he is up 4-5 times...Silas has also been waking up once or twice per night alot of nights as well.
I think for the most part my body has adjusted to lack of sleep, or at least that is what I am telling my self :) But it could be worst (like no sleep at all) so for what I do get I am grateful (just don't ask me to say that in the morning :) :) )

He is really growing up way to fast (do I say that every time?) 

Also talking photo's of a 8 month old in the snow is harder then you would think, this photo shoot lasted about 4 mins :)

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