Busy, but good.

Life as of lately had been one word. BUSY! It gets this way every time this year, and now with 2 kids adds jut a little more to the busy :) This time of year is when I have a stack of editing and photo shoots piled up, Also working on some video editing for our church. I am finally caught up today as the cooler rainy weather sets in. Next week hopefully the weather is better and I can get in a few more shoots before winter (NOOOOOOOO) sets in.

Even though the busy is crazy sometimes I am learning to love and embrace it, because today is a gift! 

We haven't really had time to do any work on our house, hoping this winter things will settle down a bit and we will find some time...but we most likely will just have to make the time... :)
BUUTTT one thing that I am SUPER excited for is Henry he been busy working on building a kitchen table for us, he is working on the finishing touches aka paint and stain.
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :) :) I will make sure to share pictures with you once it is done! 

For now I will leave you with a few photo's from our "hey let's go to the park and set up the tripod for a few quick photo's" photo shoot last Sunday evening :)

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