Lincoln 7 Months

This came way to fast, time is flying!!

How old:
7 months

20lbs 4oz

What's new:
He army crawls really fast!!
He started eating solid food, and likes food, all the food especially chunks of food!
He can sit up on his own from the crawling position, he just started doing that this weekend

What he loves:
Food ;) 
Playing with Silas

Night Sleep:
He is very inconsistent when it comes to night sleep. Sometimes  he sleeps 5 hr stretches but for the most part he is up every 3-4hrs to nurse


Is this real life?

 You know that exciting feeling when you pin something on Pintrest and it actually comes alive!?! Ya, I didn't know that feeling until the other day when we brought this beauty inside (I am very much a pinner that doesn't do anything I pin :).

 My AMAZING husband build this table which makes it super special, I am excited about all the memories this table will hold. 

This is the before...

And this is the after...I still can't believe it is real...it's just so pretty! :) 

I LOVE it!


Busy, but good.

Life as of lately had been one word. BUSY! It gets this way every time this year, and now with 2 kids adds jut a little more to the busy :) This time of year is when I have a stack of editing and photo shoots piled up, Also working on some video editing for our church. I am finally caught up today as the cooler rainy weather sets in. Next week hopefully the weather is better and I can get in a few more shoots before winter (NOOOOOOOO) sets in.

Even though the busy is crazy sometimes I am learning to love and embrace it, because today is a gift! 

We haven't really had time to do any work on our house, hoping this winter things will settle down a bit and we will find some time...but we most likely will just have to make the time... :)
BUUTTT one thing that I am SUPER excited for is Henry he been busy working on building a kitchen table for us, he is working on the finishing touches aka paint and stain.
I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :) :) I will make sure to share pictures with you once it is done! 

For now I will leave you with a few photo's from our "hey let's go to the park and set up the tripod for a few quick photo's" photo shoot last Sunday evening :)