A huge storm

Wednesday evening we were watching the weather cause there was a sever thunderstorm watch on. We have had quite a few watches this summer and nothing has come out of them so we were not expecting much this time.
It started to rain, then it started to pour and get extremely windy and as we were watching out the window I saw a huge branch fall towards our house and at that point we ran to the basement.
About 20 mins later we came back up to see the damage, it was a mess. A lot of trees down....we drove around our area and were in awe of how much damage had been done in just a few mins. But we are thankful, yes there was damage, lots of trees and some houses damaged. But those are all things. As we drove around I couldn't help but think about places who have lost people, flattened city's due to a storm, it made me ever grateful for what was all standing in the midst of the storm!

My family had been camping in the area and was so so very kind to come over while Henry was at work to help us clean up out yard.

I put together a little video for our memories that I thought I would share, also at the beginning my brothers Josh and Zach did a little newscast that you don't want to miss! ;)

There was a bunch of uprooted trees in the area.

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