Lincoln 4 Month Update

How old:
4 months

16lbs 4oz

New Discovery:
He rolled over from his back to his tummy a few times!

What he loves: 
 TREES! His eyes light up and he has great conversations with the trees :)
Anybody who is willing to talk or sing to him.
His big brother, he always lights up when Silas comes near him, so sweet to watch! :)
Night Sleep:
This month has not been the greatest sleep month, 
he has had a few better nights but for the most part it has been getting up every 1-2-3hrs. 

Oh and he can sit up on his own for 1 second.... :)


To the tired Momma....

Let's face it. Being a mom is hard and tiring. But also such a blessing and so rewarding.
As of right now I am in a season of being tired, sleepless nights, 2 year old (need I say more? :) ), the stress of moving, yard work, house renos, and keeping up with house work ect.

Lets just say life is busy right now! There are a lot of things I have been learning in this season of life. There are many mornings when all I want to do is stay in bed all day and not get up, but being a mom of 2 young kids, they get to tell you when you do and don't get to sleep :) 

Getting out of bed with a good attitude is a HUGE game changer to my day, no matter how tired I feel, I try my hardest to get up thankful and find the joy in the moments when I am not feeling it. 
I find if I start my day of grumpy dragging myself out of bed it carries on throughout the day, but if I choose to have a good attitude, get outside, listen to music, dance around the house it is amazing how much better my day goes! 

Take everyday, every moment like it could be the last. Life is unpredictable. You never know what life will through your way. Be thankful for where you are, those sleepless nights, toddler's freak outs, messy house, loads of laundry....they will not last forever. 
Switch your mind frame and focus on the positive. 
Sleepless nights means you have a baby to love, its a blessing. 
Toddler freak outs, it builds charter in you and teaches you patients, its only a small part of there life, it's a blessing
Messy house, you have a house. That is a blessing.

I don't want to look back and have "I wish I would have's" 
Embrace where you are.
Find the joy.
No matter where you are, there is a blessing in everything even when it may be hard to see at the moment. 

Yes I have bad days, days where I am grumpy, get upset with my kids...I am not perfect (sadly :) ).
But I am learning. Everyday. I am learning to choose JOY and see the BLESSING.

It also helps when you have such cute kids.... :) :)


Which door?

So many fun decisions to be made while remolding this house. I found Lincoln and Henry trying to decide on a door together...they are pretty cute :) 


Saturday be like...

 Today we spent most of the day resting and dreaming in our house. I am excited and nervous for this whole renovating process :) Henry got our kitchen mostly figured out for now, who knows when we will start but it is nice to have it planned out so when it does come to it we are ready! :) 
I want to try to document this process as much as possible for memories sake, because it is always fun to look back on! :)

Drawing up plans

And making faces in the mirror :)

I like our new house..... :)