What's on my Phone

 Today's post I bring to you....
Random phone photo's....because why not :) 

Baby snuggles 

Sometimes we go shopping around nap time, 
good thing the furniture store has some comfy beds to nap in :)

Sleepy Linky


Story time with Uncle Eli

Nap time with Daddy

He is such a good helper when it comes to laundry :)

Lincoln's soother and car seat....silly Si!

They make my heart and hands full :)

Yay for summer days!

Apparently he was cold on our walk so he stole Lincoln's hat :)

Our new soon to be back yard eeek :)

He is my favorite 

Red noise. opps ;)

Park time with cousin!

He knows how to cool off on a warm summer day

My sweet Niece Taylor

Photo shoots!

Fun adventures with my sister!

Started doing some packing... :)

Bike ride!

These 2 are the cutest!!!

More nap time! (we like nap times :) )

Happy boy!


Late night super man :)

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