We are moved, we did it we did it!!! It feels good to be done...well there is still a bit of unpacking and organizing to do yet but we got a lot done today thanks to my family for coming out and helping!

 It was hard to leave the old house, but we are super excited for the door the Lord has opened for us and to start making this house our home. I am excited for all the memories to be made here!

I took a few random photo's during the day...but I was mostly...you know moving :)

Lincoln telling Grandma stories

Load it up!

Packing...so much fun... :)

Lunch break in the new house, we are excited for all the renos we have planned....may take a few years to get it to what we have all dreamed...but one day at a time :)

Lincoln lifted all the heavy boxes...thanks link! :)

Of course you always need a dounut break!

A much bigger kitchen then I am used to...all my stuff fits with room to spare! :)

Josh was the most excited to move us in

This evening we said goodbye to the house we started our together in. We will miss it!

And goodbye to the tree that everybody told us to build a house tree in....but we never did... :)

The kids are in bed and I believe I hear my bed calling me as well :)

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