Lincoln 2 month update

I am a little bit late on this update, but better late then never right :)

 How old:
2 months

13lbs 4oz

New Discovery:
He has found his hands! He is still figuring them out
 and often punches himself in the face while he is trying to eat them :) 

What he loves:
He loves being talked and sung to! 
He is always ready with a big smile, such a happy baby!

Night Sleep:
Month 2 was mostly getting up every 2-3 hrs but over the past week he has been doing a LOT better with usually at least one 4-7hr stretch! I could get used that that! :) Last night he went to bed around 10pm, slept till 4 and then till 8:30....It feels good to sleep again :)

Nick Names:
Link, Linky, Stinky Linky :) 

Silas is starting to interact with Lincoln a lot more, it is SO sweet to watch, this morning for the very first time he came up to him and gave him a kiss all on his own...it seriously melts this mama's heart to see him loving on his brother. And often when Lincoln is laying on the floor, Silas will come up to him and lay beside him and just watch him...or bring him toy's and lay them on his belly :) 

Lincoln is still such a happy baby, he had a few weeks where he was more fussy and he still has his moments but for the most part he is very chill and happy! :)

Lincoln and Silas @ 2 Months