Growing up

We started potty training Silas about a month ago, I was really procrastinating on starting because I am not a big fan of the process of potty training :)
I knew Silas was ready, as he would hide when he had to go... ;)
So we bought him a potty and for myself I decided to go for a very chill potty training style. I worked a little to get him to go for the first time on the potty that way he knew he would get rewarded (with chocolate of course) when he went. To my surprise and relief he caught on so quickly! He has pretty much been potty training himself, he will ask to go....I barely ever have to remind him. He still has accidents but for the most part is really good! Yay!!!

My little boy is growing up!

 I know all kids aren't this easy to potty train....so I am pretty thankful! :) 

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