Exciting news!!!

We are moving!!! It still doesn't seem real. God has opened a door for us and we are super excited! 
We had been towing around with the idea of moving if the right house popped up and it did! We put an offer in on a house and it was excepted so we put ours up for sale... 4 days later we had an offer on it, we accepted and a week later it was officially SOLD! 

We are excited to move to a larger house with 3 bedrooms on the upstairs so that both boy's can have there own room for now. We are staying in the same town we live in now which we are super happy about, we love our little town.
The house we are moving into needs a lot of updating so we have been doing a lot of dreaming...I am sure there will be a lot of before and after's coming up :) 

We can't wait till the end of the month when we move, it is kinda scary but super exciting at the same time.