Cover Up! :)

 A few weeks ago I lost my nursing cover. I have had my eye on the covered goods nursing cover for awhile but already had a nursing cover similar to this one HERE, so I decided to just be OK the one I had. But then when I lost it what a perfect opportunity to get the one I wanted from Covered Goods:) 

There are several reasons why I wanted the covered goods one. 
I had used my old one when I nursed Silas as well and as he got older it was hard to keep him covered with it cause it wasn't very large and was very easy for him to grab it and uncover us...also when I have been outside, and it has been windy....ya :) 
This one I will easily be able to keep Lincoln covered up as he gets older and more wiggly. 
Also I have been wanting to get a summer car seat cover and this nursing cover does that as well!!

I was excited when it finally came in the mail today....

I picked this cute blue with bikes on it...it was hard choosing which one I wanted cause there are so many cute ones...

The first time I used it I loved it! I have only used it 2 times now so I don't know if that is enough times to give a good review...but so far I do LOVE it! It is super stretchy, light and comfy :)

Also when you are not using it, it works as a cute scarf...win win!!

 And car seat cover!

Because nursing is a big part of my life right now I am pretty excited about this...If your a nursing mamma you may understand...if not the sorry :)


  1. That cover is UH-mazing! Like what can it not do??

  2. That cover is so awesome! I am looking for a cover (due in Oct) and this one looks perfect.