It's a Berry Mom!

 One of Silas's very favorite things is pens (or crayons...or anything that writes :) and it has been that way since he was very little. I remember one time we were somewhere and he had a meltdown because he saw someone with a pen and wasn't able to have it. It doesn't take much to please him :) 

It is so cute now when he is "drawing" he tells me what it is, like yesterday he told me what he was drawing was a berry and of course I acted over excited about how amazing his blob of a berry looked! :) 

His drawing time was interrupted by his little brother crying, 
so he had to go check to see if he was ok :)


One month

Our computer is not working so I had to edit and post this from our mini iPad...we will se if this works! :)
This little guy was one month old on Saturday! Yes time flies! 
Weighing in at 10lbs 12oz, still a happy baby except in the evening before bed he saves up all his grumpy for then, but for the most part is happy baby :)

Since last update he no longer does 5hr stretches at night, he started gettin up every 2-3hrs and now usually does one 4hr stretch. He stays awake more during the day now and loves to smile and is starting to coo, he especially loves talking to his daddy :) 

We love him to bits!

Gotta love big brothers :)


Lincoln 2 weeks

Crazy how fast 2 weeks went by! Lincoln has been such an amazing baby, so happy and content. The last few nights he has done a few 5hr stretches, he usually settles down around 11:30-12am sleeps for 4-5hrs and then another 2-3hrs after he eats, having been able to get sleep has been a huge help and has made these last 2 weeks a lot easier! Definitely huge blessing!! 
He is sleeping better at 2 weeks then Silas did at 8 months, hopefully he keeps it up! haha :)

He weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz this morning! Chubbing up nicely :)
I seriously can't get over how cute he is.....Life hasn't been sweeter! :)

And just for fun here is a picture of Silas at 2 week. 
The sure don't look a lot alike!