40 Weeks | Baby Update #2

It has been a while since I have updated anything on here!
 Life has been moving along, now we are at the point waking up every morning wondering if today is the day! In a way it feels crazy that we are at the "end" already, but trust me I am so ready to meet this little one! 

I have been feeling as if I am 40 weeks pregnant, walking is a joke (actually moving is a joke :) ), breathing is overrated and I pretty much just want to eat everything....but don't worry I won't :) I am trying my hardest to just enjoy these last few days/weeks of being pregnant, cause I know it won't last forever! :)

Henry asked me the other day if I felt like I was in a marathon and finally hitting the finish line, I said yes but it is like being in a marathon and not knowing where the finish line is...knowing it could just be a day or two or a week or two. The waiting game is officially on!

So for today, Yes I am still pregnant, no it doesn't look like baby will come today...but who knows ;)

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