36 weeks

This is me. Right now.
I just woke up from a nap, it was perfect not to long not to short I feel refreshed.

I was going to get all done up and take a 36 week picture but lets just face it, I am 36 weeks pregnant and sitting on the couch with my husbands shirt and my sweat pants on is far more inviting then putting real clothes on :)

I am 36 weeks today, 4 more weeks to go and honestly I am so ready for them to be over, the last few weeks have been getting harder and I have been in more pain, cleaning our house, holding Silas, walking... puts me in a lot of pain and it is hard for me to not get frustrated, but I keep reminding myself that this is just a season and something beautiful (lord willing) is gonna come out of all this. I can't say that I am one that "enjoys" being pregnant, but the blessing that comes after is sure worth it!!
And ya'll can I just say my husband has been super amazing to me, he goes out of his way after he gets home from work to make my life easier...I love him oodles!!! :)

I made brownies this morning, I ate a brownie, I puked a brownie....I just wanted a brownie but my body didn't apparently. I never know what my body is gonna allow me to eat at this point. Most healthy foods always stay down so that is good....this child just don't want me to get to fat! :) 

I have been trying to prepare my brain for how much our life is going to change once he/she arrives. I am excited to watch Silas with his sibling, we keep telling him there is a baby in mommy's belly but I think we are just confusing him because the other day he also figured there was a baby in daddy's belly as well :) 

I have been blessed with a healthy pregnancy and I really can't complain. It is hard to believe we are on the home stretch and will be holding this little one before we know it! #dontblink

This was kinda a weird random update but it is what is on my mind right now :)


  1. I like this very random update. Can't wait to meet that sweet little baby! Your Adorbs ;-)

  2. Random updates are the best! Silly lil' babe has something against all things yum, first ice cream and now brownies!? We are gonna have to have a chat about that when she/he comes (can't wait!).

  3. Thinking of you in these final weeks and praying they go by quickly! I know I was feeling SO ready by the time week 36 hit - long walks and spicy food became my go to :) And my husband started asking if he could borrow his sweatpants back to me since they became my go-to outfit! Gotta stick with what is comfortable!