33 Weeks | Baby #2 Update

33 Week update

I have officially hit the...ya I feel big and pregnant part of my pregnancy, up till now I haven't felt that big and then the past few days I've been feeling it :) 
It is really crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone, in a way I am super ready to have this baby out, but then I think bout how much it will change our life and try to enjoy each moment as is! 
Of course we are SO excited to meet this little one, I always wondered if it would be easier to comprehend the whole we are having a child thing once we've been through it once but it still amazes me just as much that we have been blessed with such and amazing gift!!! 

Other then the normal "challenges" of pregnancy I have been really blessed with a healthy pregnancy so far, everything has been going so smoothly and for that I am thankful! 

We pretty much have everything we need for this baby to come other then then a few little things (like diapers...I should probably get some of those... :) its a lot different the second time around cause we have almost everything we need already other then maybe some clothes...depending if we are having a boy or girl...but you will find that out when he/she is born ;)

7 weeks left or if he/she is stubborn like his/her brother then more like 9 weeks left :)

And because he is cute... :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. That baby looks good on you! 😉 Looking beautiful sis!
    Si's outfit though... Oh my. So adorable!!