Christmas #2

We celebrated with Henry's family 
We ate food (I know...surprising!), opened presents and played some games.
it twas a good time...

We piled all the grand kids on Mom and Dad to snap a quick pic :)
What a good looking group of people! 

Game time!

These 2 are best buds. 

and we have proof that Joanna cheeted :) :) 

This year we had everybody pick a name and exchanged gifts and all the kids also got something from grandma and grandpa!

Of course Lincoln tried to eat his gift :)

Pie Face!!


And that's all for now :)


Christmas Gathering #1

 I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! 
I love this time of year, being able to spend time with family and make a lot of memories.

The 24th started off our first Christmas gathering with my family. 
We started off with an amazing lunch, then visiting and more food to follow :)

Lincoln with his Uncle Nate

The lunch Menu

Zach grew a pair of ears

and horns apparently :)

Oh so tempting :)

Most of the photo's have food in them....probably cause most of the day had food in it :)

K-bob (aka Caleb :) My handsome little, but not so little brother!

Love her

Micheal is guilty of eating all the chocolate :)

We ended off the day with this...need I say more?!?!

Today we have our 2nd gathering with Henry's family...as long as we can all make it out after the blizzard we had last night!!