Silas Fall 2015

Before winter hits I wanted to take Silas out for a quick photo shoot.
It is getting pretty hard to get him to smile for the camera...I think maybe he is used to it for some reason!?! :) After trying just about everything to get him to smile I finally decided to pretend to eat grass and be disgusted by it...and that worked...so I continued to make a fool of my self while him laughed at me, but hey I got the smiles :)

Silas is such a joy, he is an extreme kid, either extremely happy or extremely sad. 

He is starting to talk a lot more now, I have fun getting him to repeat stuff I say :)

He is growing  up....fast. 
I am so thankful I am able to freeze some of these moments and see them forever. 

You can see him jumping in this photo...he does this alot :)

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