20 weeks Baby Froese #2

 20 Weeks.
Whoh, how did this happen?? Time is flying!!

I am starting to feel more pregnant and not just sick and fat... :)
Feeling the baby move is my favorite and this whole having baby #2 is all starting to feel more real now and I am not freaking out at all (okay maybe a little).
 I am also beyond excited and can't wait to meet this little one.
I have been feeling much better then the first trimester and been able to eat more verity of food that I hadn't been able to before, I still stay away from ice cream and most creamy things. Nap times are not longer a MUST but I still need them every now and then :)
 Evenings are usually my worst for feeling sick, but hey at least it is all for a good reason! :)

Here is a compression of when I was preggers with Silas and now. 

And some more baby love :)

Every day with this little one is a blessing.