Wedding Day!

Yesterday Henry's youngest sister Linda got married! She asked me along with my 2 sister in law's to be her bridesmaids. It was my first time as a bridesmaid and I must say it was much fun and so specail!!

I was ordered by my husband not to take any pictures and just enjoy the day...but folks I have an addiction to taking pictures...I can't stop :) 

I pulled out my camera a few times during the day and caught random memories. 

All ready and ready for pictures!

My Handsome Boys <3

Henry's brother and his adorable family.

Ain't they adorable? :)

Henry's sister Joanna and her family ...yes they are adorable as well :)

So sweet!!

Silas found a tree to climb

This is Tony. He was over joyed about holding the flowers... :)

Grandma and Grandpa (Henry's parent's) with Aliyah (Linda & Trevor's daughter)

It was weird not being the one behind the camera all day, but it was fun watching another photographer do her thang :) She did amazing! 

The happy couple!

Oh look, that's my man!!

Sweet debbie

I must say they make quite the stunning couple! 

Love her! :)

 It was such a beautiful and perfect day and I am so excited for Trevor and Linda as they start there life together as husband and wife!!

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