Late night trip to the ER

 Last night we had just finished cleaning up the church and were walking to our car to head home. Silas had been running down the ramp behind me when he started crying and swatting at his ear. At first we didn't know what it was, we thought maybe just an ear ach and then his ear doubled in size. Henry remembered that he had seen some wasp by where he was, 
so we assumed that was what it was.
We decided to head to the ER just to be safe, by the time we saw the dr. the swelling had gone down a bit already. So he sent us home.

By morning Silas ear was thankfully back to normal. 

I couldn't help but laugh at him, and feel so sorry for him all at the same time!

Here you can see the swollen on the left and his other ear on the right.


No Fear.

 I love this picture of Silas because it sums him up so perfectly.
No Fear, Adventurous, always on the go!
He is now officially jumping off of everything he can, he falls all day long...but always gets back up and keeps going! It is so fun (and scary) to watch him play. 

And because he is cute, here is a few more....:)


New camera calls for a photo shoot

We recently bought a Canon 6D camera and I have been wanting to take it out for a test shoot.
So this morning I grabbed my favorite model and we headed out.

We have been dog sitting for our friends for the last week, Silas and him have become best buds...I am not sure what silas will do with himself when Axel has to go back home..

Apparently being a model is hard work!


locked out

You know that feeling when you get back home from running a quick errand and you get to the door and realize you forgot the keys for it and now you are locked outside...ya well I've done it a few times, one of these times being now. Luckily Henry will be home in a few mins and luckily I gave into a temptation at the store so we won't be starving while we wait...:)



Canada Day 2015

Yesterday was Canada Day!
In the evening we went down to the lake and 
hung out at the beach while waiting for the fire works to start. 

After we played in the water for awhile we found some donuts to 
munch on while we waited some more...

And what we had been waiting for...

Happy Birthday Canada!