What's On My Phone

I love the random moment's I am able to capture with my phone's camera. Sure they may not be the best quality photo's but they capture the memory and I love that :)

I thought I would share a few random photo's that I have on my phone, I recently got a new phone so I am working on filling up my photo album on there..don't worry I have no problem doing that :) 

Silas waiting for daddy to come inside from work.

This kid loves books, this is from this morning I noticed how nice he was sitting on the couch all cozy reading his book :)

Don't we all wish we looked this cute while we slept??

Tears...they happen!

If there is mud puddles around you will find Si in them!

Chillin with momma, I love how chubby and chill he looks ;)

Silas LOVES playing at the playground. 

Who doesn't have a smile while licking of beaters??

Wearing Mr. Potato head's glasses 

Veggie tales...

Cousins in the park!

And that is all for now...
Have a Happy Sunny day :)

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