Wedding Photographer

So as I said yesterday, today was wedding day! I love that my job includes watching and capturing the love between 2 people

Today was amazing, everything was so perfect!:)

Since Henry was gone I was in need of an assistant. It didn't take me long to figure out who I would ask. My sweet sister in law who has been there for me before when
I needed a second shooter agreed to help me once again. And like always she was fabulous to work with! :)

I will share a little sneak peek of our day and if you would like to see more make sure to like my fb page Phraze Photography.

They had 2 of my favorite thing's at the reception. Pop-corn and Ice cream!!

Such a fun group of people to work with!

Joanna working her magic..

Adorable or what!?!


  1. He didn't know he had feeling for her until she had already committed to doing mission work in the Philippines, but once the idea of love was on the table ... that was the only option really left. kad kahwin

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