It is the time of the year when a bunch of the guys from church head out for a canoe trip.  So that leaves all the girls (and a few little boys) to party! And like last year I came and joined my mom and sister's for a few days. 

Today was filled with chats with my sisters, soaking in the sunshine, playing with duckies and of course working out with sisters....because sisters that work out together, stick together right?? :) We tried out some dance work outs...let's just say we don't have very good dancing skills and I think we will stick with jillian Michael's :)

Here are a few pics of our day..

We tried to get a picture of Silas and his Uncle Michael but for some reason Silas did not like that idea!!! :)

Sucking on big sister's finger is the best!!

And that is all for today, I will be back tomorrow to share more photo's of our party :)

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