More pictures...

As promised I am back with more pictures from yesterday.
It was a full day filled with a lot of fun! :)

After church we headed down to the lake to meet my family for lunch and boat rides!

After boat rides we headed out and while Silas napped in the car Henry and I ate ice cream (shhh..don't tell him! :)

Later in the afternoon we arrived at Tony & Joanna's to celebrate Tony's 30th birthday party!
There was a game of annie annie over, 4 wheeler rides, food, piggy's, spring stilts...
I will let the pictures say the rest :)

We drove away as the sun set down. 
A perfect ending to a perfect day!


  1. These are beautiful pictures! Love the one of Henry feeding Silas. :)

  2. I liked this day! The pics of the sunset are gorgeous!!