Hello June!

So the other day I was texting my sister Jennifer and she be like. Hey would you want to join me for a challenge of blogging every day for a month and I be like ya and she be like cool and then we be like let's ask our bigger sister if she wanted to join us and she be like ya dude! (or something like that :) ) and that brings us to today. Today is June. June 1st. 
And I would like to present to you 

Hello June!! 
Yes folks, you will hear from me every single day of this month. I hope that doesn't scare you away :)
I have some fun things planned. and other days...well...I will just take it one day at a time :) 

So here goes!

And if you are not already you can go follow my sister's blogs
Here and Here (cause they are pretty awesome)


  1. I am exciiiiiited!!!! :) Thanks for bringing my idea to life (again)! Love ya!