Have any questions??????

I am just going to steal all the words from my sister's blog. Because it is easier that way.... :)

Hey all! So we (us "Hello June" bloggers) are going to be posting a vlog together on the very last day of June. We were wanting to do a Q&A type thing but in order to do that... we need questions! So if there are any questions that you have, we would love for you to tell us. Big or small, complicated or simple, funny or serious, you can ask us about ourselves, our family, our faith, whether roosters crow only in the morning, if Megan snores... everything and anything that you are curious about,  now is your chance to ask!
We are also going to be adding Ker to our little group, though she doesn't have a blog (yet), she still is part of this sister tribe... so we will throw her in there as well! :)
Soo... ask away! If we don't get any questions, our vlog may possibly be boring, so please... please, PLEASE! :)
Thanks in advance!

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