Grandma's 65th Birthday PARTY!!

 Sunday my family gathered together to celebrate a very special lady.

She is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grand Mother!
Words cannot describe how much I adore her! :)
She is such a beautiful person inside and out!

We celebrated her 65th birthday
I know...she looks like she could be 20...

That is why I only put 13 candles on the cake.... :)

We had a fun day playing outside, BBQ, visiting...

My Dad is the master hamburger cooker person....

Mmmm Chips

My Auntie and Uncle
Ya, they are pretty cool! :)

So is this girl... :)

Sisters <3

Mother and Daughter...Love them both!

Plane ride!

Watermelon makes for good times.

Baby snuggles

And to end it off.
A picture with my most favorite person :)

We left with our belly's full of yummy food and a smile on our face, it was a good day!:)


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet grandma! She is lovely...we could not believe that she was that age either!
    Everybody is growing up! :-)
    The Mayo Family

    p.s. can anyone join the "Hello June'...or was it something that just you sisters were doing?

  2. Great pictures Megs! That last one is especially adorable ;) And we finally got a good NORMAL sister picture... YAY!! :)
    <3 Jenny

  3. Your Grandma looks fabulous on her 65th birthday celebration, Megan! She certainly looks a lot younger and stronger for that age. And it looks like everybody had a blast on that special occasion! I wish her more happy birthdays to come. All the best to you and your family! :)

    Marcia Sherman @ Comfort Keepers

  4. Your grandma looks really 20’s and beautiful. My grandma is also turning 67 next week. So planning to throw her a birthday party at one of venues in Chicago. Will have amazing theme for her. She loves flowers so thinking of having floral theme. Hope everything will be fine.