Box of Memories

I have a box full of memories. Some old, some new. 

Here is a little peek into some of the treasures I have in it...

It is dusty and flat, but holds sweet memories of many years ago when I was daddy's little cow girl and he bought me this...

Memories of the beginning of our son's life.

Many words (more misspelled then not :) ) for my teenage years.

A box full of handwritten letters from my dear friend Amanda.

A few special dresses and clothing from my childhood.

Random things that hold a special place in my heart. 

A plane ticket from that one time I went to Florida for the first time and also my fist time flying.

A binder full of random wedding things.

Love Letters <3

Books from my Dad.

If I remember correctly this is my fist purse! :)

Many cards and letters from birthday's and other occasions from people I love

Oh look...a puppy!

A pile of things we collected on our honeymoon.

I can't wait to add more memories to it. I will probably need a bigger box soon :)

1 comment:

  1. You still have that flag!! You need to whip that thing out and use it during worship in church someday!
    And that hat... I was so jealous of that hat! ;)
    I love this post... brings back so many of the childhood memories that we shared together. <3