What was lost is now found!

October 14th 2014
It was a lovely fall afternoon, Silas and I were enjoying some time outside playing in the leaves, all was smiles and sunshine until I looked down and noticed my engagement band was not on my finger. panic begin to set in, I search everywhere...there were leaves everywhere, it felt hopeless. I search for a few day's hoping it would be found, but I finally came to the realization it was LOST. 
In the back of my head I thought maybe one day I will find it. The likely hood of that was very slim, I raked the lawn dozens of times, most likely if it had been there I would have raked it up and threw it away without knowing.

But never say never.... :)
On Saturday Henry's brother John and his boy's Josh and Ben came over to pick up a lawn mower. The boy's were playing in the yard, John and Henry were talking not much exciting happening. A little while later they left and we carried on with our day.
About 10mins later they pull up in our drive way again and we went see what they wanted. 
They yell something about a ring...a ring, could it be?? MY RING!!!!! They handed me my ring that I had lost in the fall. I was OVER THE MOON excited!!! How could this be??? Ahhhhh!!!

Apparently Ben had found it at the end of our drive way and thought it would be a nice gift to give to his Mom (such a sweet boy he is! :) What are the chances, and answer to my prayers. Even if it is "just a ring" he hears our prayers.

What was lost is now found.
It was a happy day for me!!

This guy is my hero! :) 


  1. Yayayayay! How excited you must have been! Such a blessing. :)

  2. Oooh, how wonderful! I'm so glad your ring was found!