On Saturday we were able to go on a little family hike and
afterwards we took a few pictures...cause that is what we do best :)

These to guys are my favorite! They make my life so happy!!!

I was trying to get Silas to look at the camera and smile, 
but he was much to excited to be running around outside to pay any attention to me :) 

We are definitely enjoying the warmer weather, hopefully many hikes and walks ahead of us!

What are some fun outdoor activity's you like to do with your family?



 I love how the simplest of things can keep a child occupied the longest.
Like for example a blue basket and a play phone :)

Oh, and he also had a little story to share :) 


Baby Brother

 I am so excited to announce the arrival of my baby brother this morning! 
Sibling #13, it never get's old welcoming a new baby into the family each and everyone are so special!! :) 
And now Silas had an uncle that is younger then him, how fun is that!?!! 

I would like you to meet
Michael Gideon Pauls
6lbs 15oz and as cute as can be!


Our Little Drummer Boy

Silas absolutely LOVES the drums. He is often found with 2 sticks in his hands, weather it is pens, spoons...pretty much anything :) The other day I was at the church and I let him play on the drums for a bit...he probably could have played on them for hours if I let him! 

Today I set up a little home made drum set for him, he always loves it when I do that for him and sometimes he will grab pots and pans out for the cupboard for himself and set up a little drum set. 

I love watching him drum and they joy he finds in it.