Pauls' Family 2014

Well I figured it bout time I share these before it comes time we do another shoot! :) 
It is always a fun time getting my family together, coordinating all the clothing and setting up the tripod and trying to get 21 people to look at the camera and SMILE! :) 

I am pretty impressed with everybody this year, I mean look at this beautiful family! :) 

And us at our finest :) 

The sweet lovable grandchildren.

It's my best friend and I!

All the girls

Sisters <3

The Boys


Mom and Dad with there Grandchildren 

 Love this pic my mom snapped :)

So blessed to call these people my family!!


  1. Love your pictures! Great photography and all your little babies are so cute! :-)

  2. Oh wow, I love that family photo!!!!! Wonderfully done!!!