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Hey guys, this is Silas. I have something exciting to tell you.
I have been wanting to buy a new vehicle for Mommy and Daddy, it is not because I don't like the little Honda car they have it is just that someday's it gets kinda squishy, especially if we go on a trip and the take all my stuff (guys I require a lot of this for my size!)
So I have been saving my money up for awhile now, Dave Ramsey would be proud of me! :)

I was pretty excited when I counted my money and realized I had enough to buy a new vehicle!! 

Daddy helped me out a little bit when it came to looking the vehicle over to see if it was good enough to buy.

I knew that this baby needed to have a comfy hood. 
Because you never now when you will need to sit on it.

I liked it.

Next I checked out the inside and made sure the key's looked good with the steering wheel, you never want them to clash! 

Once again I was impressed! :)

I was really excited that this vehicle was going to be mine, no more squishy for me! 

Oh and Daddy and Mommy liked it as well :)

That is my excitement for the day, now excuse me my toys are needing to be played with :)

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