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Hey guys, this is Silas. I have something exciting to tell you.
I have been wanting to buy a new vehicle for Mommy and Daddy, it is not because I don't like the little Honda car they have it is just that someday's it gets kinda squishy, especially if we go on a trip and the take all my stuff (guys I require a lot of this for my size!)
So I have been saving my money up for awhile now, Dave Ramsey would be proud of me! :)

I was pretty excited when I counted my money and realized I had enough to buy a new vehicle!! 

Daddy helped me out a little bit when it came to looking the vehicle over to see if it was good enough to buy.

I knew that this baby needed to have a comfy hood. 
Because you never now when you will need to sit on it.

I liked it.

Next I checked out the inside and made sure the key's looked good with the steering wheel, you never want them to clash! 

Once again I was impressed! :)

I was really excited that this vehicle was going to be mine, no more squishy for me! 

Oh and Daddy and Mommy liked it as well :)

That is my excitement for the day, now excuse me my toys are needing to be played with :)


13 Months

 The weather is warming up YAY!!! :) I drove around this afternoon and found some dry grass, and let me tell you...Silas was SO excited when I let him run around outside!! I can tell already that we will be spending a lot of time outside this summer..can't wait!

These last couple months I feel I have lost my baby and now have a toddler, he now sleeps through the night (This makes a happy momma! :) ), he loves to play with balls and sometimes I feel I have a little puppy cause he loves to play fetch with a ball...but he is much cutie then any puppy! :) he still loves music and dancing..it is so cute to watch! And his newest fascination is watching me work out with Jillian Michael, every once in awhile he will join in and try to work out with me, it is adorable! :) He loves banana's and other foods I am not sure I have figured him out yet, one day he will love something and then the next day gives me his I don't like this face (which is one of the cuties faces I ever did see! :) ) Pizza is almost always a good thing to him though! It is so fun watching him grow and he seems to be doing that rather quickly lately :( 

This kid is LOVED!


Play time with Puppy

Our friends dog Axel came to play for the day today!
 Silas loves Axel, it is so much fun watching them play together :)