Valentines Banquet

 Last Friday my family put on a Valentines banquet at our church. They asked me to help with decorations which I happily accepted :) We spent all day Friday decorating and food prep. 

What better use for the pastor's office then to store dessert and do a little taste testing??

Kerri was enjoying herself :)

We all joined her to make sure that it was good...and it most defiantly was! :)

I had fun with the decorating and Brooke helped me set everything up!

@ 6:30 the guests arrived, there was a bunch of AMAZING food and lots of fun games planned for the evening. Once again my family pulled together and made such a memorable evening for us all!

And of course I had to get a pic or two with my Valentine :) 

I love him!

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  1. Great pics Megs! You did an awesomer job with the decorations! What would we do without you??? :)
    Love ya!