A Tennessee Visitor

 My sister's (Kerri) best friend from Tennessee came out for a week to visit. 
I was so happy to be able to visit with her as well, my sisters and Bekah came out for the day and we enjoyed time together, talking laughing and eating cheesecake and ice cream :) 

I kinda feel like the odd girl out in this picture, they all have blond hair and gray sweaters and there I am brown hair and blue sweater...it's okay, I'm just special :) 

Selfie time!! 

 These 2 are so sweet. What are the chances that one lives in Tennessee the other in Manitoba and they would meet, become best friends and not only that but they are the exact same age, born on the same day only about 2 hrs apart! Now that's cool!! :) 

We went over to my family's on the last day Bekah was here to celebrate Kerri, Bekah and Becca's birthday :) 

Thankful for friends, and family and cheesecake..... :)

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