13 Months

 I have decided to continue with monthly updates of Silas. It keeps me motivated to do monthly photo shoots and I know I will never regret doing it, but I will regret not doing it :) 
So 13 months.
This kid is so much fun! Even though some days I feel like I am saying NO all day long now that he is very mobile and growing which means he can reach more things and.... yes you get the picture :)
 It is fun watching him develop a personalty, it looks like he is gonna be a goof ball just like his daddy :) He also LOVES music and I often catch him dancing and singing along, he still loves veggie tales silly songs and his favorite song that he usually tries to sing along to is Fix My Eyes by For King and Country, he likes the oh oh part :)
His favorite thing to say right now is ya ah ya ya..and uh oh..we are trying to convince him to say daddy again but he doesn't like that idea.
He has started to sleep better in the nights, he will still get up once for a bottle some nights but also been sleeping through a lot more which makes me very happy :) And speaking of sleep, somebody is ready for his nap. So I will leave you with a few photo's from the photo shoot I did yesterday. It is getting a little more difficult to take indoor pictures of Silas in our house...Sitting still is not something he does very long, I manged to get a few good photos and I am glad nobody was there to see how I done did it...Lets just say there was a few loud weird noises being made to get his attention :)

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