December 28 2014

I am working on getting all my photo's edited and organized from the past few weeks and remember that I hadn't blogged about the fabulous Froese Christmas gathering yet :)  

We all gathered together after church on the 28th of December, ate food, the kids opened gifts from grandma and grandpa, and then we went swimming.

 I am blessed to have married in to such a great family!

Henry volunteered to be the first kid to open a gift.... :)

I love watching kids reactions when opening there gifts :)

Sweet Debbie

Natalie was pretty excited about her new vest and headband! 

What do you think? Did Noah like his gift?? :)

Logan is all set to build a house! :)

A hug from elmo, what could be better right Linda? :)

Even Tony got in some fun with the new toys...

These 2 first born cousins are going to teach each other how to share :)

This was Silas first time swimming, we was a little bit hesitant at first but after a few mins he loved it!

And that my friends was 2014 Froese Christmas Gathering.

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