2014 Family Pictures

 It is amazing what a year can do! 

January 2014

December 2014


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Well... Christmas has come and gone once again. 
But we are not done celebrating one more gathering to be had on Sunday! :)

Christmas Eve we packed up the car and headed out to my family's place for night. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but here are a few I did take :)

We stopped on the way for a few family photo's 

We had a delicious Christmas Lunch, played games, Hockey, and opened a few gifts from my Grandparents. 

In the evening we enjoyed a plater full of fruit and chocolate :)

Christmas day was filled with a bit of hockey and watching Christmas movies and just enjoying being together as a family....and maybe we ate a little bit as well.... :)

Every year I am reminded of how blessed I am spending time with family and friends. God is GOOD!
How was your Christmas? 


Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa's

We had our first Christmas gathering of the year yesterday. And this is Silas first Christmas! Last time at this year I was a little over a week from my due date with him! (but of course he decided to make us wait 2 extra weeks :) )

Yesterday we had a gathering with my Dad's parents. 

All the kids got to open a gift from Grandma and Grandpa. 

Silas got a drum! He almost always has either a pen, or stick or something in both of his hands daily and loves to bang on things so we thought this would be the perfect gift! :)

Oh look, Kerri got just what she always dreamed of..a doll :)
 (Okay, maybe it was for someone else... )

Here is a little video of Si opening his gift :)

Thanks to my sweet grandma for preparing a wonderful meal and opening their house up once again for many memories to be made!