This and that..

My blogging has been lacking lately and I aim to fix that :) I do have a good excuse though, the past few weeks have been crazy busy with my photography and then with a busy 9 month old who has started walking there is never a dull moment! We have also been dealing with sickness for the last month that has worked its way through the three of us. But I hope it leaves soon!

As I said I would like to blog more and was wondering if any of my dear sweet readers (if I have any left ;) ) had any ideas on what you would like me to blog on. And if not then I will just continue to fill my post with pictures of Silas :) 

For now I will leave you with a few photos from our latest photo shoot that Henry's sister Joanna took for us! She is amazing y'all!

Keep smiling! :)


  1. These are pretty much very great pictures! Great job Joanna, and you guys look great too! I like pictures of Si, or whatever, he's cute enough to blog about a lot. :)

  2. MEGAN! These pictures are amazing! And you look amazing!!