21 things For 21 years.

Today is the day I turn 21, I keept on thinking I was turning 22 but my sweet Husband let me know I was turning 21...It is always nice being younger then you think! :) So for fun I thought I would write 21 random fact's about me :)

1. My favorite color is purple
2. I don't like punch
3. I have never flown in a plan other then a small 4 seater.
4. I have always wanted red walls in my kitchen, and Henry has assured me that my dream will come true someday! :)

5. My hair is naturally curly, most days I love it and alot of days...lets just say FRIZZ!! 
6. I am a photographer :)
7. I am a wife to the most amazing man
8. and a mother to the cuties kid on this planet!! :)

9. I like pop-corn
10. And Ice Cream
11. Someday I would like to go skydiving
12. My favorite # is 15 because a lot of good things have happened on the 15th.
May 15 2011 - First time we attended lighthouse and first time I met Henry.
December 15th- Dad let me know that Henry wanted to court me and of course I said YES! :)
January 15th- We got engaged 
We really should have gotten married on a 15th as well...:)

13. I have 4 sisters, 8 brothers, 4 sister-in-law's and 4 brother-in law's and 12 Nieces and Nephews! 
14. I have shot 18 wedding.
15. I have moved twice in my life, once one I was around 1 years old and then when I got married!
16. I was home schooled
17. I have always wanted a pet monkey
18. I like to clean.
19. I am shy
20. I don't drink Coffee or Tea..they are both EW 
(Right auntie Amanda & Grandma??? :)
21. I feel like the most blessed girl on this planet..no joke! God has richely blessed me and I am excited to see what year 21 of life has in store for me! :)  
Thanks to my awesome husband for taking all these photo's...he is the best! :)


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you! You are beautiful on the inside and out!!! AND THAT DRESS!!!!!!! Too cute. :) Num 6:24-26

  2. WOW. Breathtaking photos Megs! You are so beautiful!!
    Happy Birthday!!! (again!)
    Love you!
    <3 Jenny