8 Months

How old:
8 months

19lbs 8oz

What's new?
He pull's himself up on everything, walks along furniture and has 3 new teeth, which makes a total of 6 teeth! He loves to explore and get into lots of stuff now :)  
Henry bought him a whistle to see if he would learn how to blow it and it has been so cute watching him get the hang of it, he is getting pretty good at it and soon will be ready to be the referee in a football game :) 

 What he loves: 
Veggie tales silly songs

 Night Sleep:
Sleep, what's sleep?? He had 1 week of good sleeping and is now back to waking up 2-3 times per night, I keep telling myself next month for sure he will be sleeping through the night..and I will keep saying that till he does cause I am sure at least when he is a teenager he will find sleeping through the night enjoyable right?? :) 

It's a little chilly today, so we just sent a few mins outside to take a few pics.

He ate dirt, we took it out of his mouth...he didn't like that... :)

So blessed to be this boy's mommy, can't imagine life without him! 


  1. He is SO cute! He looks so grown up with that bow tie! ;-)

  2. So sweet what a cute little guy! I hear ya about the nighttime sleep. I now refer to it as "midnight bonding"