Time for a...

Random post filled with random pictures :) 

Blogging has been a bit slow lately, mostly cause I have been busy with my photography and a little 7 month old who seems to be learning new tricks every day! Also it's summer so any spare moments I get I try to spend outdoors soaking up the sunshine and green grass :) Summer has been a busy one this year, and I am trying to soak up every minute cause sadly it doesn't last forever!

So thankful for these 2 handsome guys, God is good to me!

We helped out for a day at our churches taco-in-a-bag booth for the harvest festival. 

Good times with friends and family

Strollers can make one a little crazy sometimes :)

Sleeping folded in half, why not?

Like I said this summer has been filled with lots of picture taking!

I am so very blessed to have this guy! When I married him I didn't know he could do what he does behind the camera, he takes some pretty amazing shots and I love shooting weddings with him!...He is pretty amazing this guy, I am not sure there is anything he can't do! :)

This is where I have been spending many hrs...Editing :)

I am not sure where my baby went?? He now has been pulling himself up on everything..

Well that is a little update on my life :) How has your summer been going?


  1. I like your random posts :)
    That last picture of Si COMPLETELY melted my heart.... AHHH he is SO cute!!!
    <3 Jenny

  2. Love the smile in the last shot! ahh...
    Enjoyed all the photos! Looks like you and your family have been having a great summer. Ours has been going way too quickly, but it has been fun.