Sonshine Festival 2014

Last Wednesday we packed up our little family and headed to the Sonshine Festival. It was our first road trip with Silas and also his first time in the USA! :)

We stayed in our tent for 3 nights, I wasn't sure how Silas would like it but he did great! 

Part of my family also came to the Sonshine festival, as well as some friends and Henry's brother John and his family, it was fun to have some familiar faces there.

4 days packed full of listing/watching christian artist play. Our favorites ...
Newsboys, Kari Jobe, Jamie Grace, NeedtoBreath, Judah and the Lion, and Colton Dixon 

Also enjoyed Allen Powell (lead singer of anthem lights) and Caitlin Nicol, the were playing songs from the movie they star in "The Song" 

Of course my sisters and I had to get a picture with Allen Powell since he was just standing a few feet from us doing nothing!! :) #whynot

Judah & the Lion

Some people took naps..but I won't mention any names...

We may or may not have gone to Pizza Ranch twice.


 Need to Breath

We also did a bunch of shopping during the times there wasn't anybody we wanted to hear playing.

No words needed..

Miss Kaya

Kari Jobe, defiantly my favorite. She has such an amazing heart and she brings such a  beautiful atmosphere of worship. 

Mom bought me this.. :) 

It's Cheryl! 

In hopes to save his ears from all the loud music we stuck some ear plugs in :)

And that was our vacation fun :)


  1. I have been WAITING to see that picture of us with Alan Powell FOREVER!!!! I could barely stand it!!! (lol)
    All of your pictures are AMAZING as usual!
    <3 Jenny

  2. Looks like you guys a had a blast! Silas is to cute as always. :) Love his title hat! Great pictures Meg, agreed with what Jen said. Miss you by the way!