Girls Party

 Over the week-end Henry joined a bunch of men from our church for a canoe trip. So Silas and I packed up after he left and headed to my family's for a party :) Another family from our church also came for some fun! and oh boy fun did we have!! :)

After some yummy burgers we had a bit of a jam session. 

hehe love his smile :)

Silas got lots of cuddles from his grandma and aunties!

Mom and Mandy

and Kerri official photo bomber...

Silas brushing up on his piano playing skills

 Around 11pm we made blizzards, which somehow turned into a peanut butter fight between Kerri and I :)

The photo bomber got photo bombed :) 
Playing whoonu

Around midnight us girls thought it would be a good time to work out...cause what is a party without that?!?! :)

The next day a few of us went to some garage sales and then after pizza headed out around the campfire for some cone s'mores and fellowship

After that us girls again decided that we needed to work out once again :) After supper we  headed home and waited for Henry to arrive back, it was fun hearing all his stories of his trip! :) 

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  1. Thanks for coming out Megan, we really loved having you!!!!