A day in Pictures.

 I've been meaning to blog everyday since Friday, but the warm weather is here ya'll..no time for blogging :) 

Natalie and Noah came over for the day on Friday, Silas really enjoyed having his cousins to entertain him all day :) 

We started off the day with some coloring and games.

and Si bear just watched :)

Tree climbing was next on the list..

then we headed to park number one which was conveniently were goodies (a little ice cream/food shack) is, so ice cream was a must! :)

Henry was able to join us for a bit at his lunch break.

A bunch of crazy's :)

Nail polish buddies!

Later on in the afternoon we walked to a bigger park, and spent the rest of the afternoon there.


Henry came and joined us after he was done work.

Silas experienced his very first swing ride!

After the park we picked up some pizza and headed home and watched a movie together.


  1. Love this post!! Looks like a fun day!
    <3 Jen

  2. What gorgeous pictures! Looks like everyone had plenty fun:-)