4 Months Old

How old:
4 months

15lbs 14oz

New Discovery:
He learned how to roll over! 
He can only do it from his back to his tummy, 
but I am sure it won't be long till he figures out how to roll back over! 
He has also giving us a few giggles, baby giggles are the best! :) 

What he loves: 
 His mobile in his crib, 
He is starting to like peek-a-boo, 
he loves playing patty cake! :)
Night Sleep:
Yippy, he has slept through the night a few times!! :) 
But usually he wakes up 1-2 times per night.


  1. Cute photos! Thanks for sharing your bundle of joy! :)
    I've nominated you for the Beautiful Blog Award over at my blog.

  2. These are absolutely precious! You have such a smiley little man! And I completely agree - baby giggles are the best :)